Teaching Interpersonal Communication Website: A collection of slides, lecture videos, activities, assignments, and other resources for teaching Interpersonal Communication at the college level. 

Michigan State University

COM 225: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
COM 304: Family Communication
COM 320: Communication and Diversity
COM 425: Communication in Close Relationships

Utah State University

CMST 2110: Interpersonal Communication
CMST 3140: Family Communication (service learning course)
CMST 3250: Organizational Communication
CMST 4570: Quantitative Research Methods

Purdue University

COM 212: Interpersonal Communication 
Effectively communicating with others is essential to achieving success in our personal and professional lives. However, communicating with others can be challenging and leave us feeling frustrated, confused, or disappointed. Approaches to the Study of Interpersonal Communication is designed to help students increase their knowledge and develop the skills needed to effectively communicate in interpersonal contexts. This course includes a writing component (3-4 concept application essays), exams, in class and out of class activities. I have taught 4 sections of this class. To illustrate how research comes to life in my classroom, click here to see a sample activity I developed and here to see how I engage students with survey instruments. 

COM 325: Interviewing Principles and Practices
COM 114: Introduction to Public Speaking
COM 217: Science Writing and Presenting
COM 324: Introduction to Organizational Communication
COM 318: Principles of Persuasion
COM 497: Political Communication and Media
COM 491: Washington DC Practicum at C-SPAN

College of Charleston

Gender and Communication with Dr. Merissa Ferrara
Research Methods with Dr. Jenifer Kopfman

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